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We may be able to help your child avoid becoming one of the many juvenile delinquency cases we see each year.

If your child has been accused of delinquent conduct it is the equivalent of an adult being charged with a criminal offense. It is crucial that he or she be represented by one of our Texas juvenile attorneys as soon as possible. Most parents are surprised that a police officer can interview their child outside the presence of either parents or children and obtain sworn statements and confessions that, in some circumstances, may be admissible at trial. The juvenile justice system is designed to create some opportunities for positive intervention in children’s lives. On the other hand, juvenile judges can also impose serious consequences on minors who are found to be responsible for violation of our criminal laws.

At Rincon Law Firm, PLLC in Texas, the juvenile law is a significant part of our practice. We regularly guide parents and children through this unique system, pursuing positive results. To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced juvenile law attorneys, contact us today.

Understanding the Potential Consequences

When minors are accused of offenses that would be considered crimes if they were committed by an adult, their cases are handled in the juvenile courts under the Juvenile Justice System Code, a unique legal practice area. The range of offenses that can land children in juvenile court include:

  • Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle (sometimes known as “joyriding”)
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Drug possession
  • Assault and aggravated assault
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Murder, including capital murder

The juvenile law process provides certain alternatives to incarceration and contains flexibility that is designed to protect the unique interests of children that is not available in adult criminal court. However, certain offenses can result in a child’s incarceration for extended periods of time.

In Texas, children can be sent to prison for up to 40 years by the juvenile courts. They can also be subjected to mandatory sex offender registration. Juveniles can also be certified to stand trial as adults, making them eligible for the full range of criminal penalties (except capital punishment).

Our juvenile law specialist is skilled in handling all forms of juvenile proceedings from deferred prosecutions to certifications, transfer hearings, trials (court or jury) and appeals. If your child has been suspected, detained, interrogated, questioned or charged in a juvenile proceeding, please contact our juvenile law specialist to discuss your options.

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